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Bicycle rental

You can also rent bicycles at the Buorren Twa, for a day, a few days or for your entire holiday. The bikes we rent are all with gears, most have hand brakes, but there are also a back pedal brake. There are also child seats, which we put on safely for you. We also have a few electric bicycles, ask us about the possibilities. If you want to rent a bicycle, please call a day in advance or send a Whatsapp to number 0625270762. Unfortunately, earlier reservations are not possible.

Electric step

For rent an electric scooter. Forbidden on public roads, so at your own risk. It's great fun for a ride behind the dyke.


Description1 Day3 Days5 Days7 DaysExtra day
Bicycle with gears€10,-€20,-€30,-€35,-€10-
Electric bicycle€25,-€55,-€75,-€100,-€10,-
Tandem 3 gears€20,-€40,-€60,-€75,-€7,50-
Child seat€1,50-€3,50-€5,50-€7,50-€1,-
Electric cargo bike€40,-€90,-€150,-€180,-€30,-
Electric step€15,-€40,-€60,-€70,-€10,-
Mountain bike€15,-€30,-€40,-€50,-€15,-